Tricks: How to get Cheap Hotels

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  2. August 7, 2013 5:47 pm

Tricks: How to get Cheap Hotels

Finding and getting cheap hotels for business or pleasure trips might be tricky for many users, however there are a few simple steps to follow that can help in identifying better hotel rates and booking cheaper accommodation than regular.

  1. Select your hotel location. Based on the destination you want to travel, selecting your hotel location might influence indirectly other costs of your trips such as transportation and time wasting. Keep these in mind when you search for a hotel – we recommend using a service like to easily identify hotels on the map, in the location most convenient for your stay.
  2. Book your hotel as early as possible. To enjoy some great hotel rates, it is best to reserve your room as early as 4-6 months in advance of your trip. Hotels will usually feature better rates for early bookings. Late booking deals are rarely any good.
  3. Check for several hotels. Check more hotels in the area, to find best offers such as extra services included, parking and so on. BookingFair does a great job in searching and filtering hotels based on your needs.
  4. Use comparison websites. There are great online services that can help you search through 1000s of hotels at once and get in one place the best accommodation rates for your chosen destination. Check for a great hotel rates search and comparison engine.
  5. Check discount deals. Travel operators and hotel chains offer accommodation deals from time to time under the form of hotel promotional codes or discount coupons that can be applied to your purchase to reduce the amount paid.
  6. Use the reward programs. If you travel often and tend to stay with a certain hotel chain, than it would be a great idea to check for a loyalty program operated by the hotel chain. The loyalty / reward program can get you extra discounts or extra services included.
  7. Check travel packages. If you are traveling to the destination by plane, than travel packages could help you save even more. Simply check with travel operators for flight + hotel package deals and this can get you a discounted reservation price.

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