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RatesToGo Promotion Codes
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Rating: 3.9 / 5 stars

RatesToGo is an Australian based business operated by HotelClub Pty, part of a group of online websites focused on hotel reservations. There are over 70,000 hotels worldwide available for booking at RatesToGo. Launched in 2002, this brand became a leading last minute online reservation service, part of Orbitz Worldwide, a top global travel company. The website offers quick access to its searching and reservation capabilities, supported by a multi-lingual customer support team in 15 languages (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Thai, Russian and Dutch).

RatesToGo offers the Best Price Guarantee: If you book and pay for a qualifying hotel room rate on the RatesToGo website, and then find the same room type, in the same hotel, for the same dates, at a lower price on a website other than RatestoGo.com or HotelClub.com online, after taxes and fees, they will refund the difference. There are a few terms and conditions that for the best price guarantee to successfully apply: book and pay for your hotel reservation at RatesToGo, find a better rate within the 24 hours of completing your booking for the same hotel on another website including the same services for the same hotel and same travel dates, contact RatesToGo with this better deal and they will operate a refund to your account for the difference. The best rate guarantee does not apply to reservations that were already a part of a promotional deal or discounted offer.

Please note, the use of codes sourced elsewhere than BookingFair may affect your eligibility for RatesToGo hotel deals.

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